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Uniqueplayboy is a Male escort club where our Clients and Members can join us to avail the best services. We try to maintain a Safe & discreet relations between our Members and Clients. Our services allow users to give & take a best service round the clock. Joining as a male escort is now more easy then it was ever. Clients are waiting for a best companion to fulfill their Physical, mental and emotional needs. However every client has a different needs & desires, like some needs a travel partner, dating partner etc. while some other clients may looking for temporary boyfriend or a sex partner.Joining as a male escort or a playboy is a challenge where you need to satisfy Clients sexual desire. Men who can fulfill the needs of women can be a perfect Male escort. Uniqueplayboy is a most reputed club providing Male escort services across India and also providing other Adult services like friendship club, Escort services & Dating etc.

UniquePlayboy welcomes you to be a part our most reputed playboy club in India. We are hiring boys for working as a playboy pan India. Uniqueplayboy is most trusted Gigolo club serving almost in each part of India since 2013. Join our Gigolo club and start your path today towards a positive direction. Earn a huge amount daily even more safely and securely with our complete security and privacy act. Opportunities of working as a playboy could be a golden chance to earn a good amount and it also increase your contacts with highly reputed families and corporate industry.


How to join as a Male Escort?

1.Fulfill the needs of Clients and Get Paid.

2.Candidates may choose to work as a full time or part time.

3.For joining make sure that your age should be more than 18 years.

4.You need to fill up our joining form which is available on our website to join us.

5.Candidates need to provide your details like Name, city, Email, Phone no and Pan card.

6.Candidate will get a call from our agent of respective city after filling the joining form.

7.Filling a joining form means you are agree to allow our agents to contact you for further process.

Is working as a Playboy legal in India?

Sex relation between two adults at a private place is not illegal if both are doing it willingly. However working as a playboy means entertaining a client in different way, providing company in clubs, pubs, parties or playboy could be a travel partner also. Corporate women, divorced females, college girls etc. who are looking for temporary relationship mostly hire playboys for their satisfaction and pay for it. Many clients don't want any emotional engagement or relations so they feel better to hire a Gigolo & Playboy for their sexual desire and to remove their loneliness.


Eligibility criteria for Male Escort job

1.Candidates should have a good physique.

2.Candidates should have good communication skills.

3.Candidates having entertaining personalities are welcome.

4.Candidates need to be decent, clean and hygienic personality.

5.Candidates should have good dressing sense according to occasions.

6.Addiction to Alcohol, Drugs or any other such material may lead to termination.

7.Candidates need a proper Medical Certificate or fitness Certificate from Medical department.

Average salary of a male escort?

Salary is not a bar as anyone who work as a playboy can earn up to 10000 INR for just 2-3 hours, all you need to do is to satisfy and fulfill client's needs. A Male Escort Job could be Part-time or Full-time option depends on availability wherein which a boy working as a gigolo can earn up to 50000 to 150000 INR monthly. Boys having age between 18 – 35 years can work as a perfect playboy, but you also need to be good looking, well dressing sense and entertaining personalities.

Benefits of Joining Uniqueplayboy club

1.Most Reputed Gigolo club.

2.Experience of 7 years in industry

3.More than 3000 Permanent clients.

4.Training session available for fresher

5.Complete data security and privacy policy.

6.Playboy jobs available in almost every city in India

7.Our discreet companionship with outstanding performance.


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